Iris Manor provides quality aged care services near Chadstone, designed to ensure that the elderly in our community live comfortably, with the dignity we deserve, and with as much independence as possible.

Our Home Care Packages are personalised to meet the health needs of every individual we serve. These packages could include daily personal assistance, cooking, cleaning, gardening, and even companionship.

We also offer more specialised services like physiotherapy, occupational therapy, and medical management, which are all designed to support the physical wellbeing of our clients. Whatever your family needs, we have a service to help.

Comprehensive Home Care Packages Near Chadstone

A home care package can make your loved one feel more comfortable in their home, without needing to transfer them to somewhere unfamiliar.

Our home care packages can involve home modification to make the home safer and more functional for those with mobility challenges. These modifications could be as minimal as installing grab bars in the bathroom, setting up ramps at entrances, or as extensive as redesigning the entire home.

Our Home Care Packages are the perfect solution for servicing residents in Chadstone who need assistance, but still crave their independence in the comfort of their own homes.

Quality In-Home Care Services

At Iris Manor, we believe that the best place for anyone to be cared for is in their home. That's why we offer In-Home Care Services to Chadstone residents, ensuring that we live comfortably in their home environment. These services include 24/7 nursing care, medication management, personal hygiene assistance, meal preparation, transportation services, and more.

Our team of qualified and compassionate caretakers is trained to provide attentive care, just like what a family member would give. We also provide emotional and social support to ensure that our clients never feel alone or isolated.

Moreover, we extend our In-Home Care Services to the nearby areas of Oakleigh, reaching more seniors who need our professional care.

Reliable 24/7 Nursing Care Near Chadstone

Does your loved one struggle with dementia? For those in need of more intensive care, our 24/7 Nursing Care services near Chadstone are the top choice. We have a team of caring, professional nurses available to provide round-the-clock attention and medical care, right in the comfort of the client's home.

Our nurses are skilled in wound care, medication management, post-surgery care, chronic disease management, and we can even assist with palliative care. We understand the importance of giving our clients and their families peace of mind, knowing that medical assistance is always at hand.

Considering the current events and the need for flexible options, we have ensured that our services are adaptable to cater to the needs of every client.

Why Choose Us for Aged Care Services Near Chadstone?

  • We offer personalised care plans crafted to match the unique needs of every senior we serve.
  • Our team of professional caregivers and nurses are trained to provide expert care with a touch of empathy.
  • Safety and comfort are our topmost priorities. We aim to make homes safer, and our presence more comforting to our clients.
  • We provide ease and convenience with our online booking system, accessible to everyone.

How to Avail Our Aged Care Services Near Chadstone

To get started with our aged care services, visit our website and choose the service you need from our wide range offered. You can then book your service online. If you are unsure about your specific requirements or you need more assistance, feel free to give us a call. Our team is always ready to guide you and answer your questions regarding our care packages for your loved one.

Being a part of the Chadstone community, we at Iris Manor are dedicated to providing the elderly residents with the care we need and deserve. Book your aged care service with us today. Our team is ready to assist you and make your life more comfortable.

Frequently Asked Questions for Aged Care Services Near Chadstone

1What kinds of aged care services are available at Iris Manor near Chadstone?
Iris Manor near Chadstone offers a range of services like daily personal assistance, cooking, cleaning, gardening, companionship, physiotherapy, occupational therapy, medical management, home modifications, 24/7 nursing care, medication management, personal hygiene assistance, and meal preparation.
2Does Iris Manor near Chadstone offer in-home care services?
Yes, Iris Manor firmly believes that the best place for anyone to receive care is within the comfort of their home. Our in-home care services are available near Chadstone which include constant nursing care on call, personal hygiene assistance, transportation services, and much more.
3What professional skills do the caregivers at Iris Manor near Chadstone have?
Iris Manor's caregiver team near Chadstone and surrounding areas are highly qualified and compassionate. we are trained to provide high quality, personalised care to every client. The team also includes professionally-trained nurses who can assist with wound care, medication management, post-surgery care, and chronic disease management.
4Can Iris Manor help with home modifications for seniors near Chadstone?
Yes, Iris Manor can assist with making home modifications for seniors living near Chadstone. These can range from minor installations like grab bars and ramps to major modifications such as redesigning the entire home for improved safety and functionality.
5How can I book aged care services with Iris Manor near Chadstone?
You can easily book services with Iris Manor near Chadstone through our website. Choose the service you need from the wide array offered and book your service online. If you’re unsure about what you need, you can call our team for assistance and guidance.

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